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The dream is real and I can do it, Right guys?
Hi Libyan,

Great intro and new here myself. Keep the dream, you'll get there Smile

Like you, we never thought we'd own one. I'd never seen a real one apart from in 1995 in Florida. Then, at a car show just 3 weeks ago, I gave our number to another man... I asked him to call us if ever he wanted to sell. We never expected to hear from him so soon, but he called, 2 days later. We carefully weighed things up, re-planned projects (house, garden, cars, etc), money, consider garage space, etc, but we should finalise the deal within a few weeks and collect the little beast.

Doive and I will be travelling to Omagh probably late October/November, to show his family our new purchase (I'm sure they'll disapprove as we should "buy a decent car" [ie: BMW, Audi, Merc] but we love our classics, can't wait to see their reaction as we pull up on their drive!!). If you can make a trip to Belfast, perhaps we can arrange to meet and you have a spin in it Smile spread the DeLorean Love.

Libyan Wrote:It is indeed, loads of pics now you hear?!

I almost forgot - here you go!

[Image: pLsLLZD.jpg]

[Image: BDEvnes.jpg]

[Image: mEXEHsa.jpg]

I've still yet to see one in the flesh, the guy who invited me to the rally never got back to me when I txt him Sad
Same here really, only ever seen the 'time machine' one at Universal, or where ever it is, in real life. And that was 20 years ago.
Personally I don't like the time machine look but there are some sweet moded (sp) ones on you-tube.
Type in "Patrick's Delorean". In the USA, He has spent a fortune (and time) up-grading his. Looks great, that's the one to buy!!! Big Grin

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