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DeClock, replacement dashboard clock
Hello Guys,

I want to inform about my custom dashboard clock's sale ending soon (on august 1st)

[Image: 4717614.png?612_orig.6948818897638]

Just a quick summary of the features:

* comes in red/blue/green/yellow/white LED display with matching replacement lens,
* battery-backed time and date for approximately 8 years,
* trip timer
* inside thermometer
* comes with outside thermometer that can be mounted in the weel well
* replaced the rheostat dial with a multifunction dial
* includes PWM driver to dim your binnacle lights, both LED and incandescent
* many adjustable settings (e.g. 12h/24h, Celsius/Fahrenheit, US date notation, select brightness, startup message).
* all connectors, plugs, wires, washers and manual are included. This is a complete kit.

€125 EURO with free worldwide shipping

With just 4 days left, don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

click here for details and ordering information

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