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DeLorean needed in LONDON for MJ Fox Charity Event 6th Sept
Hi Everyone,

I've been asked to pass this on by someone I've done a few charity events with in my car. Basically it's a record company night where they host several bands and screen BTTF to help raise money for the MJ Fox Foundation. So far over the years we've managed to raise a fair few thousand pounds and without a doubt having a DeLorean there proves a hit. This message is from Michael Coats who is co-ordinating the first event being held outside of Manchester in London:

London on Sat 6th Sept is our first (and perhaps only!) effort at moving our fundraising efforts out of Manchester - it's really challenging but things are starting to come together. The gig is at the Brixton Windmill, one of London's best small venues. They're able to screen the film, 3 out of 4 bands are confirmed and it's starting to take shape - naturally we'd love to get a Delorean outside that venue as well, it really does provide something extra and gives our crowd a bit of the wow factor. Like Manchester we don't want to take up too much of someone's time, perhaps from about 5pm for a few hours before the music starts.

If anyone could help out with this I'd really appreciate it as it's a great cause and always had fun doing it up here.

Please send an email to Michael if you think you might be able to help!

Many Thanks, Scott
Thanks Scott for posting this.

I'm Michael and I'm running this fundraiser, I'm sure you all consider it to be a very worthy cause!

If there's anyone from London on here that isn't busy on 6th September then it would be great if you could help us for a few hours, it would really help make the night a great spectacle and a success in our efforts to raise money for the MJFF.

Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help!

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