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cooling bottle
Had the d started today and saw steam coming from under the louvre, found it coming fom a bottle on the left that looks like a blimp. I stupidly took the cap off using a towel an green stuff gushed EVERYWHERE, and the cap probably pinged into another street. Im thinking that rather than a coolant problem it was probably normal and the seal on the cap needed replaced, anyway does anyone know where i can get a new cap and what type of green stuff i should use?
Also is it possible to send my radiator somewhere for a refurb?
hi mate,

you might have a problem similar to Dean last week (see thread about head gaskets I think....)

If you do need a cap, we might have a spare one here as Phill bought a complete new washer bottle for Sorbet last year including cap.

I would suggest though, that there is probably an air lock in the system somewhere so bleed the coolant system first - plus I'd also change the thermostat and otterstat for good measure if the car's not been driven for a long time - they are inexpensive parts at about £10-15 each from memory. We use a 50-50 mix of water/antifreeze. Also, get yourself a self bleed kit if possible - not sure if anyone on here has got any/is remaking them though?????

I'd speak to Dan Shane about getting your rad refurbed, mine was done by a company down in Kent that I'm pretty sure the (now closed) DMCL used to use. Failing that, have a trawl through your local Yellow Pages and see if there's anyone up there that does them.
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Thanks claire, are those the kind of things i can do myself (otterstat, thermostat, bleeding)? Also i doubt any coolant is left as the bottle was empty so do i need to bleed the system? Is antifreeze green?

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