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Sighting at Schallenberg International Freight
Picked up my latest vehicle from Felixstowe yesterday. Your know the drill, same as for a new parent, I say 'isn't she just the cutest thing'...

[Image: vehicrash1_zps6f4c1cf6.jpg]

and you smile politely while thinking 'that is the ugliest so-called car/baby I have ever seen'...

[Image: vehicrash2_zps9e3b6903.jpg]

It is a fairly hideous shade of yellow. Just for parts though, will be broken for the engine and other good stuff and used to repair/upgrade my silver JDM VehiCROSS.

This is the DeLorean Owners Club though not the VehiCROSS owner's club, so you may be more interested in this vehicle parked in the 'prestige' area just outside the office (mine was hidden away in a back shed).

[Image: schall-dmc3_zps8dc6f70a.jpg]

[Image: schall-dmc2_zps9d5297e7.jpg]

[Image: schall-dmc1_zps7380e326.jpg]

Is this DMC-12 one of the imports discussed here recently? The guy processing my pick-up said it was very rare, they had only seen two in the last year. I said I also had one (almost) and there were 150ish in the country with the number still increasing. Not sure he believed me Smile
Dont suppose you got the VIN? That way I could have told you where it was going, I'm aware of at least 4 on the way over at the moment. Getting like buses these cars :lol:
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Great to see another car here, early one at that, judging by the gas flap. So was the guy a dealer then?
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Chris Williams Wrote:Dont suppose you got the VIN? That way I could have told you where it was going, I'm aware of at least 4 on the way over at the moment.

Sadly no I forgot, however Alan Hammond posted some more photos of it on the Eurotec forum, was picked up the next day by this transporter truck;

[Image: flatbed_zps2fb8c0f2.jpg]
I saw that pic, Alan posted it on Facebook (I dont have access to that other forum).

01727 is a St Albans phone code, so it could be of to the Herfordshire/London area possibly.

I know Dan Stacey has just bought another DeLorean (he used to have DGS803X), thats
coming in from California but is a good few weeks away from arriving in the UK.
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