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Project DeLoreans for sale!
Thanks for the positive comments Chris :-)

As for the salvage title in question, this is for only *one* car that had had an electric fire and hence have gotten a salvage title.
My point was that I'd really see this car back on the road (new interior, electrical wiring and glassfibre work) instead of parting it out and *poof* yet another VIN lost. IMO, DeLoreans are NEVER parts cars, only project cars. Get them back on the road!

Btw Chris, where did you find the blank VIN plates? I have one plate that is damaged, and I'd like to get it properly replaced. PM me.

Chris P Wrote:I think we should all be very positive about Stains actions.

Some cheap cars have been saved and offer future generations a possible way into ownership.

Many Delorean fans may never be in a position to shell out £20 k + on a decent car, but by buying a fixer upper they can say they "own a DeLorean". (but most of us know that its not necessarily a cheaper way in the long run)

The criminally minded will always be able to get hold of vin plates. There must be dozens, if not hundreds in the USA and new ones ( and old new one's) are freely available in the UK.[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]
As Chris W says, the biggest deterrent to any criminal activity is the vigilance and awareness of Clubs and other owners, should a car get stolen. The last Car stolen in the UK was recovered in a few days….too hot to handle.

It anyone is worried about getting their car nicked, i suggest they take some simple precautions. Immobilisers , isolation switches, a GARAGE! Tracker, etc. .

It would probably be a good idea for all of us to take a load of photo's of the car, detailed closeup ones that could be useful in the future.

I personally applaud Stains efforts……...well done that man.
Best wishes
Stian Birkeland

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This one is on ebay…looks pretty good to me and he is prepared to deal with a UK buyer .
Chris Parnham in Derby 
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hi all

i also see no problem getting a salvage car on the road here, having bought and sold slavage over here (Cat C's and D's)
it is highly likely that DVLA will be completely unaware and the car will loose its salvage title, and over here a US salvage title would have no meaning in UK terms ie they would not know to title it as it has to be classified by a UK insurance company, then DVLA do the paperwork.

They are not the y plate was registered as X as many of us here which technically would render the number plate incorrect.
even thought the had all dated us documentation etc.

Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
any updates Stian?
Marek "Reinsch" Kaminski
Reinsch Engineering Limited

Owner of #4454 - Restomod build in progress

Facebook group "Delorean vin 4454"
I sent a pm to see what sort of work is required.
Regards Max
hi all

i am sure Stian can fill us in, but from what i gather all cars are serious project cars, and will require a lot of work, mechanical interior and exterior.

i am interested and hope maybe can bring one over later in the year if any left.

i would guess my last car was similar condition, no brakes, no clutch hydraulics, shot interior, plenty of external steel parts rusted through (god knows how the bonnet even stayed on!, and i spent many an hour under it way into early hours with dremels etc!.
Even changed the clutch slave by hugging the gearbox and by touch only!!, and the usual injectors into jam jars etc (some of us have been there).
just so whoever buys one realises the work involved (but it is worth it!)
All part of Living the Dream!

ex vin 1621
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Just wondering if any of these cars are still available?

I think I found the thread referred to on facebook.
I am a new member.
Is the seller St@@n B@@@@land (don't want to put persons name in open forum).

This is really interesting. I may get involved.

Question ~ are any of the cars drivable ( as in could make it gently back to the UK?).

Only asking as I Do not have a tow bar or a trailer.
Quote:Question ~ are any of the cars drivable ( as in could make it gently back to the UK?).
I will leave it up to Stian to confirm, but as I understand it all need to be collected on a trailer.

Membership Secretary DOC UK
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Stian is on holiday in Denmark at the moment, I'm sure he'll reply upon his return to Norway.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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Cheers for the update.
i think you will need to be realistic over what you might be looking at.

as i understand it all are project some no engine/gearbox both, some little or no interior or badly damaged.
some may have very rusty chassis and hence a full frame off restoration........for less than £10k you are highly unlikely to be getting a drivable Delorean.

for a driver you are looking at £12-14k really.

getting the car back is the least of your problems with or without a traileras there are always ways to do this, however you could be buying a car that may need a further £10k spend on even if you diy most things.
Almost certainly some you would likely not such as a full engine rebuild, gearbox rebuild or regraining/repair of stainless.

i am not trying to put you off atall, just trying to be £8k delorean likely needs a £10k spend to get it up to good condition (not concours!), for this you are now looking at £20-25k or so.


Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
I totally agree with Steve, these jobs are not for a the faint hearted or inexperienced.

Its great that Stian is saving these cars and i'm sure most will be restored over the coming years…….but……

Chris Parnham in Derby 
RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
Outlander PHEV 4X4
MG ZS EV....Full Electric SUV.
TR7 Convertible 

DOC Club Historian 

yes i am hopefully going to take on one of these soon as our kitchen is finished (she would kill me if before!)

certainly i cant spend £14-£18k in one go, so intend on a slow rebuild, and i always recondition where possible, keeps things original.

even perhaps rebuilding the calipers, brake cylinders etc myself, like i did last time (although i paid to have the calipers rebuilt, only to find they made a mistake and a front piston kept sticking....very worrying when you are braking without wanting to, and smoke pouring from wheel as it got hot!, so rebuilt correct myself afterwards)

there is though a wealth of help and advice here and the build manual is essential.

Personally i would like a car that does not need a frame off as that is where things get difficult DIY with a normal garage!.

i am looking forward to owning a D again, and my 7 year old cant wait!

Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Maybe a complete car, but in disrepair would be better.

An american import, if I have to import in anyway to the uk. Probably cost the same over all.
Do you get charged import duties on older vehiles from USA ( pretty sure no import duties internally within the EU)

Would still like to have it down to steel chassis, and check everything, clean it all out.
Cut out any problems and reweld.
Got alot of fibreglass, so can repair problems with shell.
When I rebuilt want to keep it for a Loong time.

I thought engine rebuilt was a must, and complete new interior.
Also thinking new wiring loom, do you guys replace this ? whn restoring, or just use original?

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