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Craig radio - alternative options
As I finished my car, I have only one problem left: the radio.
My original Craig radio is not doing too good, so I would like to buy something similar in design, and if possible with casette player, but also USB/SD car option.

Where should I look around in UK/EU?
Project 701 restoration
Try these: ... -900c.html

You get the central part and you can choose which fascia and knobs best suit the era of car.

I know of at least one member with one of these using the appropriate front and it looks and sounds great.
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
i know im bumping an old thread, but in case anyone is looking for an alternative,
i've just upgraded mine to a retrosound model 2 from the same place

looks great with the craig radio fascia. works really well.


and there is now a DIN adapter for it so you can use it even if you've upgraded your console

Simon Wood
DOC 748
VIN #11766

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