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Time travel board game (not quite BTTF!)
We visited Chirk Castle yesterday, a fantastic place made better by the fact it was sunny and not p*ssing down, in the games room I spotted this gem-not quite the time travel as we know it but I had to laugh all the same! I got speaking to one of the guides in the old house part, turns out he owned a DMC a few years back but I didn't get his name, goes to show there's links to DeLorean even in the past! 8)
#10556 'Ol Stainless' running surprisingly well,Audi A5 2.0T Quattro smug as usual,Wenault Slaguna stationary for the mo',the R.V.Enterprise clocking the U.K.miles up,new fleet addition-Jessica the Daewoo Matiz,silly but 55mpg....!

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