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Navigable DMC Workshop Manual for download
Some jobs you just wish you hadn't started…!

I know it's nothing new; I downloaded it from a guy on DMCTalk who had scanned his manual and made it searchable. All I've done is added some structure to make it navigable through menus. Supposedly a one hour job turned out to take so long I'm embarrassed to admit!

Anyway I hope others find it useful. The link below should (if I've got it right) allow anybody to download it from my Dropbox account…

Best wishes,

Nice job my man! I've helped myself to a copy! Don't mind if I do. Thank you! 8)
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May 1981 vin#1458 "LEX"
Grey, Flapped, Black
Chassis: #1073
Engine: #2839

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Thanks Mark.

Always handy to have a mobile copy of it on the phone.
David Hamblyn
Vin# 16339
Thanks very much. Great work, much appreciated.
vin 2743

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