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Fuel sender
I need to replace my old fuel sender unit, but DMC in the states doesn't carry the original or the latest tankzilla model and since I only need the sender, I dont want to go with complete combo unit. Does any one know of a new product or some one that carries the tankzilla model, thank you in advance for your response.
Have you tried contacting all the DMC repairers and PJ grady Etc? They must have changed 100's to the new sender combo and should have a good spare sender or two between them. IIRC SpecialT Auto claims to be avable to repar the old ones.
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Thanks Chris for the reply, I did contact them for new units but it didn't occur to me to ask for exchanged units. I will check back with them as you suggested.
If you get stuck, it looks like Ed still has the DMCH fuel sender in stock. ... s_id=48058
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I managed to fix mine, re-solderd a couple of wires and the terminal block.
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Ed does show them in stock I will call before ordering on line to make sure.
As for my sender it is beyond repair just about all the copper components have disintegrated.
Thanks again

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