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Exhaust tail pipe
Hi it seems my delorean is the only one without tail pipes on. I have decided I want to join the tail pipe club Big Grin can any one tell me where to get a decent set?
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These look worth a punt ... 3cdb042e39

Failing that, the agony of choice: ... 2424141859
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Each to heir own. But I like the look of my stock ss tail pipes. Maybe just give them a little polish?
I think it's that "Pea Shooter" effect that most people want to eliminate. It's a clean look, but hardly the style or size you would expect hanging out of the back of a 3 litre engined car.

I think it looks a 1500cc engine exhaust system like that of a Fiat X19.

Still I guess it's the stock look, but the slashed polished tips of the 83' model exhaust system suit the tail end better.
As I wrote, each to their own..... It's your car you can do whatever you want to it :wink:
Stephen Partt
I must admit i'm not too keen on the pea shooter look. ( but as you say Steve a personal choice)
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