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Making suspenion higher
That depends on what sort of springs you have.

If you have lowered springs, these can be replaced with a set of stock springs which will increase the height by at least an inch over the lowered ones.
Richard H.
DOC Technical Advisor VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
I'm sure there are dozens of sets of s/hand stock springs kicking around the UK!

Perhaps all your extra gear....Batteries? etc have taken their toll. Not a common problem, except for a few, very early cars who tried fitting lower springs and ended up in a similar situation.
Chris Parnham in Derby 
RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
Outlander PHEV 4X4
MG ZS EV....Full Electric SUV.

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