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DeLoreans wanted for 'For the Love of Cars' TV Show CH4
I can add a little to what Chris W has said. It will definitely be an upbeat assessment of the car ( Cars) I have also been down filming recently with them as club Historian and believe me, we made it very clear from the off, that we weren't going to be involved with any more "Quentin Dick head - DeLorean DeLousy" programmes!

Unfortunately for me its a heck of trek to take my car, which will also be out of tax by then and with a heater and wipers not properly sorted, it would be asking for trouble going in my DeLorean. ( I sold my big trailer when we down-sized so thats not an option.)

But for those of you who can make it, I would strongly recommend taking your cars if you can. Get your face and cars recorded for posterity!
Chris Parnham

RHD Factory Used Auto  

DOC Club Historian 
Do they want time machines,

I did ask this question last week, as yet they have not got back to me about it (producer is on holiday I think) So the answer is I don't know, yet. There is only a very small section about BTTF in the programme so I think they are in two minds about it.
Just to clarify I have had an Email to say that they dont want any BTTF cars on this occasion.
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2021's DeLorean event:
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I might be able to go, it's not far but not sure if I'll be free. Touch and go whether AURYN will be on the road by then, but I could just take the trailer.
The date has now changed to Sat 14th December for various reasons, including presenters workload and being a weekend there may be a bit more chance of getting a few more cars to attend. I have altered the thread topic and my first post to reflect this.
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2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
Im in Wink
Vin 5921
Morning All,

Wow.... its been a long time since I've been on here.

Thanks to Chris for mentioning it to me on Facebook.

I know a fair bit about the TV show, a friend on mine is heavily involved. Should be very well done.

Unfortunately I'm flying back from a job that day and I'm not back till gone 9pm..... gutted.... as its RIGHT on my doorstep. I've helped production with a few things so I might get my car on the show somehow or other.

I hope they can get a few cars at least on the 14th December.

I hope everyone on here is keeping well.... I haven't been driving my De as much as I'd have liked over the past few years, mainly due to my racing, work and family commitments.... but she will be out more.... I promise (once I can get this steering rack sorted Wink )

All the best
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Ware, Herts. UK

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Emagine Productions

Hmm - I MIGHT be up for this - I could visit my mate who also lives nearby, the 14th is his b/day, and we usually go out for Xmas drinkies around then...

Do we know what times of day this will be, Chris?
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
At the moment everything I know about this day is what is in this thread, however if the past filming visits have been anything to go by then it will probably be most of the day! but I will post up info as I can get it.
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2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
No worries, I imagine there will be longish periods of standing about intersperred with sbrief periods of frantic activity. Good stuff -I think I may have tentative approval for a day out so will check with my buddy what the accommodatiosn options are!
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Just had confirmation that the production company will pay 25p per mile as fuel expenses, not as much as I would have wished to see but it will help.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
760 winter miles at 25p, think I'll have to pass on this one sadly!
VIN 4494, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 757
jwrayth Wrote:760 winter miles at 25p, think I'll have to pass on this one sadly!
When some cars get low 20's for MPG then 25 pence per mile doesn't cover costs.
VIN# 04708, Grey interior, 5 speed, October 1981
DOC 649
ex DOC 562
I've been keeping a fuel log for each of my cars since January 2012. Ok, I know I don't drive LEX as much as some of you drive your D's, but I think my findings should be a good indication for a a lot of us. According to my spread sheet, since Jan 2012, for me at least, the following is true after rounding everything into averages for this post:

Miles covered: 2,848
Ave. Fuel Cost per litre: £1.357
Total Fuel used in Litres: 464.75
Total Fuel used in gallons (converted): 102.23
Ave. MPG: 27.86
Ave. Cost per mile in fuel: £0.22

Now I know I might be getting better MPG than some out there, but even if all our cars were as efficient as LEX, you'd be expecting for a normal car to have at least another 10p per mile driven to cover wear and tear, but since these are slightly more than ordinary cars, then i'd expect at least 15p or even 20p more to cover wear and tear. So at the very least, i'd be expecting 37p-47p per mile as compensation to cover costs. Not 25p, which I think is a bit cheeky actually.

I'd love to go to this, but the simple fact, like James, it's too far, at the wrong time of year, and the compensation for severely going out of my to battle the elements and move my life around for this "opportunity" does not warrant the effort. I hope those that do go have a great time though. I'll be perched in front of the TV watching the results next year when they're shown.

Sorry folks.
Chris M. Morionem qui loquitur multus sine cogitatione.
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May 1981 vin#1458
"LEX" aka "Wonkey" - Officially used in Britain's Greatest Machines (80's episode) with Chris Barrie.
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Chassis: #1073
Engine: #2839

Main Car(s):

2005 BMW M3 E46 Shape 3.246 Straight Six in Velvet Blue
1999 Honda Civic MB6 Shape 1.8VTi VTEC in Pirates Black
I can probably attend (RHD), although some times would be useful !
Best regards,

Nigel (DOC 447)

`Stan` RHD VIN 5565
`Olly` LHD VIN 3720
and that yellow thing with odd doors :-)
Chrispy can explain the significance of Nigel's car Big Grin
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars

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