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Autism all stars seek a dorlorean!!
On Saturday 2nd November we are entering Edenbridge fireworks parade, we have over 30 cosplayers confirmed from batman to doctor who to sonic the hedgehog, we have on our list a Monkey Marty McFly (it's awesome, run with it) we need a car to suit the cosplayer.

We are raising funds for our charity Autism All Stars in Kent for a kids club to open in 2014, would anyone be willing to donate their car for a few hours?

Kind regards

Alison and Andrew
We have a club member very close to you who may be able to help. It is a stock DeLorean rather than a BTTF one if that is what your looking for. There is a BTTF car in Deal as well.

Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
We will be happy with whatever anyone can offer us!! Xx

I own a Delorean, live in Edenbridge and watch the parade every year. Would be very happy to drive my Delorean in it this year.

If you could post your contact details I'll get in touch.

Richard M.
Edenbridge, Kent
VIN 981
Pm sent.

Very excited!!

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