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Upgraded window motors on ebay
#1 ... 140wt_1141

Vin #4087
would love these, but no pennies atm Sad
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I recently did a 'post mortem' on my drivers side window motor assembly (passenger sides still dying) and had great fun pulling it apart, mostly out of curiosity as no one has taken the actual assembly apart it seems.
After copious amounts of WD 40, I carefully prised the winder body tangs away from the white plastic winder gear cover, then after deft work with a flat blade screwdriver pulled the window drive gear out.
Reason for failure was lack of grease in the recess where the drive sits, water must've washed the grease out causing rust to expand within the housing to eventually seize it up, I'm surprised its worked for so long!
Cleaned the drive gear up with a wire brush and emery cloth,and regreased the housing. I noticed a crack in the drive wheel but it doesn't seem to affect it, cleaned the window spiral drive and lightly oiled it with a dash of grease around the gear then pushed the cover back in place, lightly tapping the retaining tangs back over it ( you could use some epoxy adhesive for this as well).I greased the bearings in the electric motor and cleaned the commutator when reattaching it.
Using a battery charger I checked it worked before putting it back in the door, and saved £££££££s !
Worth a try if you're considering buying new ones .8)
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Glad it worked for you. Often the gear gets shredded, in fact once upon a time Ed Uding used to sell a brass replacement.

Unfortunately it won’t matter how well anyone rebuilds an original motor, it mounts to the wrong hole in the grab handle bracket and flexes up and down every time the window is moved. This ultimately results in the over-moulded nylon elbow breaking.

(PS I haven’t stocked the new motors for ages, far too slow to sell. However I do buy them direct from A1 when I need them)
Martin Gutkowski
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