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Aircon requires topping up
I am a new DeLorean owner and I have had a guy look at my aircon today as the compressor clutch was cycling on and off approx every ten seconds and the air is not as cool as it should be.
He has confirmed that the gas is low but he cannot top it up with R12 as it is no longer available.
He has suggested asking if anyone knows of someone who can charge it up with/supply/recommend a 'drop in' gas?
Alternatively is there a recommended procedure for converting to r134a?

I realise there are a lot of comments regarding this subject but I just wondered what the latest advice was on this.

Any advice would be appreciated


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For best advice I would suggest having a read of this thread/or search for R12- 134 conversions on this forum. They have a lot more practise at doing it over in the States! ... meone-else

Again it seems to be one of those subjects that everyone has a different idea on what you should/should not do.

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