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Hello from the Isle of Wight :)

I've had my Delorean for about 8 years as a fixer-upper, and have finally had the money to get her on the road. I bought her from my freind Russell who moved to Australia in 2005 and has since sadly passed away. He imported her in 1998 when he was working as one of the artists on the computer game Carmageddon. Russell and the car were modelled and featured in the sequel

A local classic car specialist has just refurbished the exterior and MOT'd her for me, so I'm finally getting to enjoy driving her! There are still a lot of issues to deal with, the worst being having no air-con or power windows. Lovely weather for driving, except you're entombed in a greenhouse... :?

glad to join the club, I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from me as I work through the various issues on my mission to get her back in shape!

James Pilcher
VIN #5380 - Oct '81
(LHD, Grey Interior, Manual, No petrol flap, Creased bonnet)
DOC #760
Hi James, welcome to the club and the forum, and many congratulations on getting your car up and running after such a long project. As you say, you must have been frying in there over the last few days! You will find plenty of advice on here as to how to fix these things, and often relatively inexpensively.


We now have a car on the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man, next step is to get one on all the inhabited islands of the UK! (Something like 120!)
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126

I just saw this on Instagram and was going to post, asking who it might be

[Image: 9bf9b95ae3d911e2948222000a1f9307_7.jpg]
vin 2743
Hi James. Possibly see you at the isle of Wight show over the weekend of 14th September?

My ferry is arranged!

Welcome to the club buddy!

i used to play carmageddon all the time as a kid Big Grin

nice car there dude, and welcome Big Grin
Hi Ben, yeah I suppose it's only right I bring it to the car show, so Im sure I will see you there - were you the guy that was from wales or bristol or somewhere that I spoke to at that show years ago when I first got my car? Probably 2008 i think.

That's really wierd seeing that random instagram photo. The internet is scary!
VIN #5380 - Oct '81
(LHD, Grey Interior, Manual, No petrol flap, Creased bonnet)
DOC #760
Hi James. If the show was at the isle of Wight then no because I've never been before!

If it was a south Wales show then more than likely it was me. I will give you a mail nearer the time but there is a topic in our events section.

Looking forward to it!


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