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After having major problems with herman over the last week i would like to thank nick t and dan shaine for the help on the phone getting herman working again but here a new problem any one had a dash pannel go down on them as

rpm not moving
fueil gauge going up and down ( when the lights are on )
no battery light( i think this is why i broke down tonight not charge in battery)
and the strange one is my side lights have gone out on the front and not on the back checket bulbs and they are working fine side light on thr back are working ok

any ideas

call the upset hotline

As said on the phone check for

good quality connections
any breaks in the wiring looms
good quality earth returns

Your running problems were traced to moving the loom that is near the break pedal. You could have a loom problem in this area.
I would doubt it is the dash panel itself but the wiring to/ from it.

A good starting point is always check all the frame earths, and when I say check I mean take them off and give them a good cleaning off to make sure there is good continuity across the connection. Don't forget the earths on top of the frame behind the cooling rad.
Regards Paul O'Malley
DOC 253 South of Ireland Rep
Check the big bunch of earths attached to that 'nut' behind the centre console bracket. It could be loose causing intermitent problems
i just ordererd a new pcb for the clocks and gear computer from me ed and i will be fitting them on saturday but going back to herman to night to do some heavy rewireing looked at the earth by the radio no problems there a bunlge of earths on the way down the centre console going to do front and back tonight
Don't let these problems get you down, it will be something simple....
You'll see!!! Smile Good luck

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