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Hire Request - Birthday Surprise May 2014 Essex
Hi everyone,

I am looking for a DeLorean surprise for my husbands 40th birthday next year in May. I have seen online that some people do hire without a driver but most do hire with a driver so here is what I am hoping for:

A) Picking my husband up from our home in Essex and taking him for a drive but I would rather the DeLorean have the BTTF features
B) Hire of a DeLorean with or without BTTF features that my husband (with a clean licence and years of driving experience) can drive. I would be happy to travel to accommodate this option

As it is a birthday surprise and not a wedding I can be flexible on the date if it is cheaper midweek etc. Could you please get in touch to provide a quotation if you are able to help with either of the options above?

Thanks for reading.

there is a firm that hires out a DeLorean for self drive hire, cant remember the name of them
off hand, but I'm sure a quick Google search will turn them up.

The nearest to you with BTTF replica's would be Brian in Sussex or Steve in Kent. I'm sure one
of them will see this thread and contact you to give you a quote.

For most of us, our insurance companies do not allow 'self drive' hire - plus these cars are our
personal pride and joy's, so we get a bit techy about someone else driving them, no matter how
good their driving history Wink
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Great Escape Car Hire, but the DeLorean that was hired out by them was kckoopa's car (VIN 11766) which was sold recently.
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