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Heater Core Coolant Hose Direction... Does it matter?
Hi all.

Just to summarise, I have recently replaced the heater core, evaporator and radiator.

Some weeks ago I filled with the old coolant to flush the system....

I then drained and filled with fresh coolant and everything works.... The heater works fine, the radiator fans kick in, system fully bled so all ok there...

But on my mind the last few weeks has been the heater core pipes. I didnt label them and ferreting about connecting other things up they got mixed up...

To throw a spanner in the works, the core pipes dont come out of the bulkhead top and bottom either as they did... more like left and right so ive no idea which is the inlet or outlet....

Saying that its working fine as it is.... but will it be putting any strain on the system if the coolant has to find its way up through the core instead of down?

The coolant goes up down and around bends and through valves anyway granted...

But if the pipes arw technically on the wrong way, how will I know and will it do any damage?

It needs to flow out of the top most fitting (like the main radiator) so air is expelled.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Thanks Again Martin.... But....
[Image: 713.gif]

If you follow the hose from the hot water switch then its clear it attatches to the top of the core... thus flowing down and back to the water return feed (number 6)

What you said makes sense but it doesnt tally with the diagram.

In this scinario, would it matter?

I have a self bleed kit fitted anyhow but i'd like it right.

Check out item 25 in this one

[Image: 5-3-0.jpg]

It wouldn't be the first time something in the manual is the wrong way round :wink:
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars

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