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DeLorean Hire in Liverpool for surprise groom pick up 1/8/14
Hi. I'm a bride local to the Liverpool area (not far outside the city centre). I was hoping to get my groom picked up in a Delorean as a surprise driven to the venue which is about a 15-20 minute drive away. I would be looking to hire it for around 2 hours so that we and other guests can get some pictures after the ceremony which is all happening in a hotel (not a city centre location). Our wedding is on the 1/8/14. Can anyone help??
Jan Big Grin
Possibly a BTTF one if possibe just depends on prices and availability etc
Big Grin
Pm sent 8)
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Hi Jan

Brian is probably closest to you, and his car is really nice.

Good luck for your wedding next year Smile
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