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Drive shaft removal
I have a split drive shaft boot and I was gonna change all 4 on both shafts..

How easy is it to remove the shafts from the car? Is it just a matter of undoing the ring of bolts on each end of the shaft and then it drops out like a mini prop shaft, or is it more conplicated than that? I just figured if i can physically have them off the car I may just get them refurbed at the same time.... But i dont wanna go down that route if irs a more complicated removal procedure...

Cheers guys...
Quote:or is it more conplicated than that?
nope! except you cant get a socket or ring spanner on them very well IIRC.
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Cheers Chris...

I doubt changing the shaft seals will be so straight forward though? Lol

When the shafts are off, is it straight forward to get one end off in order to change the boots... ? Dont think they will stretch over that huge flange no matter how hard I try lol!

To be honest I have never done one on a DeLorean, but there is a special cone you can buy that stretches them for normal driveshafts, perhaps will work the same but I would wait for someone else to chime in.
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2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584
As you say, you just undo the ring of bolts on either end of the drive shaft and the whole thing comes off. Access isn't great to a couple of the bolts, so an open ended spanner is best.

the shaft is splined, so the CV joints just slide off, and then you can remove the boots.

Clean the CV joint while you are there, but have plenty of paper towels handy (and a disposible cardboard surface) as it gets really messy, really quickly. Big Grin

As always, the first one will take longer, maybe an hour, with the other 3 about half that (each)

I'm not sure what sort of boot clamp that you get with the rubber boots, but make sure you have a way of tightening them, if they are the "special" type - I hadn't and they leaked. Replaced with plastic zip-ties and they leaked too. (They don't actually leak, but you just can't get them tight enough and then the boot leaks grease) Finally settled on SS ties and they are OK.
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Watch out when you have undone all the bolts (there are six on each CV joint) the shaft may seem to be stuck, but drop out on your face when you're least expecting it. :roll:

Also don't allow the shaft to hang down on one joint, it will put a dent in the metal cap, which will then prevent the boot from sealing properly - these caps are unobtanium

The drive shafts are held into the CV joints with a ring clip. To get at it you will need tap off the outbound cap and clear out the grease covering the end of the shaft. Once the clip is removed the shaft can be removed from the joint and the two boots removed from there.

If you decide to strip the joint apart, you'll have fun putting it back together :wink: all I'll say it the grooves run in opposite directions and don't drop the ball bearings!
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Thanks guys....

At least I know what i'm in for!
Follow Rich's destructions and you'll be fine. A Halfords "professional" 17mm deep socket on a 3.8" drive fits fine but one word of warning: make sure you do them back up FT. Use Norlock washers if you can.
Martin Gutkowski
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Thanks Martin....

I may well tackle this while i still have access to the 4 post lift... im sure it will be more difficult on the ground on stands.... i may take the easy route and get someone to do sounds more messy than anything so thats what might be the decider!
It's actually quite easy and the only messy bit is the contents of the joint. I remove 5 bolts from each side then back the remaining two out till they're on the last couple of turns, then you can hold onto the shaft while you twiddle them out so you don't get hit in the head. Access is fine, but remember to leave the handbrake off........ :wink:
Martin Gutkowski
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latex gloves are your best friend when tackling CV's :wink:

they arnt a big job really, just a little messy, just get your work sorface prepared with cardboard/newspaper, rags etc before you start.

as stunned_monkey said, leave one bolt in each side by a couple of thread, while you get the rest out.
Finally got round to doing these CV boots. It was a case of having to as I have an MOT coming up in a few weeks and it was slightly split last time which I promised to get done.

The shaft came off easy enough, but Rich was right. You can not get a ring spanner or socket on the bolts.
So a good 17mm open ended was the only way.

I have no facility for getting the car in the air any more so had to rough it on my back with little clearance on axle stands!

When the shaft was off, and one cap end was removed, it was apparent how the job was done. I steam cleaned both ends out, packed with new grease, fitted the new boots and painted the shaft black while it was off.

Putting it back on the car this weekend hopefully!

So if I had to rate the difficulty of this job out of 10, 10 being the hardest, then I would give this a 3/10.

All your advice was good guys, thanks again!

I have to carry out this job for the first time. Reading the comments above it seems straightforward. Apart from DGo, does anybody have any recommendations for the rubber boots?
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#14 a bit out of date but I'm sure the X ref's are still the same.
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Granada aren't they?
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