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Fitted car cover

I have to keep my Delorean outside, so I'm looking for a fitted car cover to keep the leaves/mildew/rain out. I'd appreciate any advice or pointers anyone might have. I found this, which seems like it might be a generic one with word "delorean" inserted into the description.


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VIN #5380 - Oct '81
(LHD, Grey Interior, Manual, No petrol flap, Creased bonnet)
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I had to keep mine outside for a while whilst building work was on going I got one of these S/hand from Ebay ... eSoft.html
Very good quality and soft on the inside expensive but well worth it.
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I don't mind spending money where it's needed, but I'm not hugely well off - do you think the hamilton's one is significantly better than the 30 dollar one I found on amazon?

VIN #5380 - Oct '81
(LHD, Grey Interior, Manual, No petrol flap, Creased bonnet)
DOC #760
Hi James....
I have found that even the softest of covers can scratch and mark to a certain degree when used on any car outdoors due to the wind flapping it about...

With this in mind if I had to keep my DeLorean outdoors, I would opt for the "Poor mans's Garage" with a soft cover while its in there.... ... door#intro

Then a nice cover like this one while its inside.... ... 02e798320d

Mind you i am a person of extremes....

Good luck with finding one!
Although the website looks a little different from 2009 when I bought mine, I bought the following product from this website. I cannot speak high enough of the cover. It's superb.

It's completely water proof, so only a bit of sweating to worry about due to trapped moisture which will get under any car cover, so you just need to uncover it once in a while to allow the tiny little bit of dampness air off within 5 mins of a nice breezy day.

The cover is made up of a completely weather resistant outer layer, and a lovely soft fibrous felt inner layer which sits against the car. No scratchiness or rubbing due to the fitted snug fit. My car cover has also accidentally been dipped in dirty engine oil a couple of years ago. Left a bit of a stain on the outer fabric which I at the time tried to clean off best I could, not 100% successful, BUT to this day, not one single drop of sign of oil has ever made it to the inner layer at all. That's how good it is!
(The key to every car cover is putting it on to a clean car ONLY, and having it tight against it to limit movement. This car cover has NO movement, so no billowing in the wind so no potential for scratchy scratchy rubby rubby)

They've done one for LEX, so I KNOW they have the template for a DMC-12 to make sure its a fitted finish. My cover has been subjected to all sorts of weather in Scotland, and England, and I have always been very pleased with its performance. It's a little more expensive than Halfords, but the quality of the product cannot be denied. Peace of mind. In 2009, I paid all in, including delivery, £199.75, so prices have gone up a little since then. But still recommended if you can bear to part with the cash. ... dlite.html
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