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DeLorean news issue 59
Issue 59 of DeLorean news is being posted out today and hopefully should be with everyone by the end of the week. I know in some areas post is not working to well due to weather so please allow a few days for it to get to you, any problems please 'PM' me through the forum. Cracking issue as ever lots of great Delorean history in there, as ever well done to eddie for putting this together.
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Thanks for the good news :wink:
excellent, looking forward to reading it Smile
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Got mine at the weekend - great read!
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Was surprised to learn that early prototypres had 'JZD'; on the grille (Pic with JZD and Guigiaro). I knew there was DSV at some point - Delorean Safety Vehicle? (Presumeably deleted along with the safety features!!) Also one pic appears to show 'DMV'.

Made me wonder when the DMC branding and logo was set in stone.
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