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Wedding Car Request 27th July 2013- Rochdale area

I wonder if you can help me - we saw the car from Back to the Future in a parade in Manchester city centre last year and my fiance was so excited to actually see it drive by, that I thought what a marvellous surprise it would be for him if I could hire it for our wedding. Do you Know where I could hire this car from as I am now working on the budgets for our wedding. I have enquired locally, but noone seems to know if it is from this area.

If you could email me back, I would be so grateful as I want to keep it a secret from my fiance

Many thanks

If I can suggest you have a look at this thread viewforum.php?f=64
However if you need a non BTTF car then please request again.

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blimey, thats a long trek up north from deepest darkest Kent......
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