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Time Machine needed, high profile event - Norwich - Aug 18

If there is anyone in the Norfolk/Suffolk/EA area that can assist with the loan of a DMC Time Machine for a high profile Sci Fi Event at the Forum in Norwich on Aug 18th.

I am one of the organizational team of the annual "NorCon" TV and Sci Fi festival and we are holding a summer special promotional event for our main annual show. This will consist of celebrity signings with stars from Doctor Who, an exhibition, traders, cosplayers and a small automotive cavalcade outside.

Unfortunately, as we are a non profit making organisation, we cannot pay full hire fees, merely covering your expenses and fuel costs which is why we are hoping to find someone fairly close or someone willing to give us a little bit of their time to help our chosen charity for the year.

More about Norcon can be found at and thank you very much for your time
If I could suggest you look at this topic: viewforum.php?f=64
There are three very good cars available to hire in the UK, Contact details are on the websites.

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I think our chairman has already been in touch with Luke from what I hear. Thanks guys!
Thanks for the recommendation Steve. Unfortunately it's just too far away for this type of event. Sad If you guys were around my neck of the woods I would be more than happy to come to some sort of arrangement, given the nature of the event.

I would need to make the journey the night before as it will be around 5 hours in a transporter each way, plus loading, and of course the full day at the event itself. Also, for closer events I actually drive the car where possible. I think distance wise, Steve is also a good 3-4hours away also and it's very tiresome work.

As mentioned above, Brian has a great Time Machine and is always a crowd pleaser! I met him at an NEC event once, top bloke. I'm not sure he would be interested but it's worth a try. All the best for the event, hope you get what you're looking for!

Ex 1981 DMC Delorean Time Machine owner.
DOC Member Chris Bale lives in Norfolk, but his is a standard DeLorean, not a
Time Machine replica.

I can see if I can get in touch with him if a standard car would be ok?
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