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Oiling the fan
Hey Everyone

Every time I turn on the heating/air con fan there's an extreemly unpleasent loud screeching sound coming from the fan. I'm going to try to aid it by taking opening up the fan casing (under passenger side of the dash) and giving the fan bearings a good dose of WD40 and or grease depending on what seems to work best. Is there anything I should look out for when doing this or is it fairly straight forward to assemble/reassemble the casing?

you will probably find that the bearings for the fan are past their best. A new fan is £40 approx and having replaced mine two years ago is still quiet. The fan I replaced sounded like a hamster being tortured and turned out shaft housing/bearings had completely disintegrated which is why the squirrel cage was smashing against the casing causing all the noise.

Hope this helps

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Ex owner of VIN 5255 Grey, 5-speed
If there is no axial play in the fan the a re-grease would be ok. It depends if you can split the casing in 2.

If there is play then the cross reference if I remember right is one from a volvo 240.

Nick is Correct, Volvo 240 is the same.
Cheers guys, Just to let you know I've had a bash at it tonight and jobs a gooden! Disconnected the wires and took the fan out to find where the squeeking was coming from. There was a little bit of give on the bearing which was probably just from general use. I gave it a good coating of oil and cleaned off some surface rust and hey presto it works brilliantly! Very satisfying Big Grin As I hardly ever use the car I dont think a full motor replacment is in order, so this will do for now.

Cheers for the help!

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