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Scottish owners - Please help us help Children in Need!!
Im calling out to any Scottish DMC Owners!! a PLEA for help!
Im trying to arrange a big 80s night at our local cinema in Perth. including fancy dress, 80s quiz, 80s cocktails, and a back to back late night showing of the Back to the Future Triology!

I think it would just be incredible to have a Delorean there as part of the fundraiser to see on the way in, possibly charging £1 donation per picture of it if possible? I know its a big ask, but is there anyone who can help me? There is a private car park adjoining the cinema so it will be safe and have a space off-road reserved for it, and we will have staff if required to ensure the safety of it! I understand that nobody wants to lose money so I should be able to cover petrol as long as its reasonable(a drive from London up would probably wipe out any profits going to the charity in the first place!) and im sure I could get them free entry to the quiz and screening etc if they wanted to come in(and their quiz team if they had one with them!), if not, they would only need to be around for the start before the first film starts. the date would be friday 9th November.

Again, I cannot stress enough how much im begging here, it would be an incredible night and this would just be the perfect cherry on top!

Please Email me on and let me know if its possible. hopefully BBC crew may come along on the night and we may have pudsey there too, so if you wanted, you may get on telly! if not, or would prefer not to be filmed, nor the car, thats no problem either.

Again, drop me an email, thanks again!

Hi Adam,

I emailed you my details and phone number to discuss the event. I have a DeLorean in Edinburgh.

Cheers Jonny
thanks for stepping up to help with this Johnny Smile
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