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where to buy an air con pump?

There's no pre-defined kit for the air con system, but the majority of the bits you'll need are on this page:

1x 106327 condenser
1x 109122 orifice tube
1x 110120 accumulator
1x 106012 accumulator bracket
1x 105845 bracket (hope you have this bit, it's NLA!)
1x 110527 adapter
2x 105638 idler pulley bearing
1x 110525 condenser-evaporator hose
1x 100750 accumulator-compresor hose
1x 100748 compressor-condenser hose (1983-style)
1x 110526 wiring harness (1983-style)
1x 106917 high pressure switch
1x 106918 pressure relief valve
1x 100744 low pressure switch
1x 100746 compressor
2x 100718 compressor mount
1x 105505 drive belt

I think that's about it, aside from various fasteners and consumables like o-rings, refrigerant, and some mineral oil (for R-12. Ester oil if you're going the R-134a route).

I'm fairly sure that DMC includes an orifice tube and accumulator when you buy a condenser. Also note that #100748 is the "1983-style" hose, which does not have that metal tube that runs around the accumulator where you attach the high pressure hose and relief valve... that metal tube is replaced by an "adapter" (small metal box) that connects directly to the outlet of the condenser. The relief valve and high pressure switch attach to that adapter, then the hose runs straight from that adapter to the evaporator inlet. Since the high pressure switch is now several feet further away from the main harness, the original wiring won't reach, so you'll need #110526.

If you want to talk to a vendor over the phone about it, try Dave Swingle at DMC Midwest - he's the kind of guy who you could absolutely tell him "I need every air conditioning part aside from the evaporator core" and he'll know exactly which bits you need (and don't need) and will have the box on its way to you that afternoon. If you can catch Stephen at DMCH, he'll be the same way too. I suppose those above part numbers will apply for Ed Uding too, if you want to avoid out-of-EU importing.

Also, the last time I opened a condenser from DMC, it had enough packaging around it that it could have probably been tossed out of the airplane and would have survived the landing.

Good luck!
ah brilliant cheers for that, yeah i speak with Ed on a regular basis so will see what he can offer!

Honestly i have been ranting all day at his replies and ive just got in from work and it continues!

my reply:


I can not believe how hard this is????

i just want to buy the parts, i do not care about forums or what is said,
they all say your packing is bad, so i am just asking, requesting for your
owns sake, if a bit more care can be taken in packing the item, i sell
hundreds of items online each day to every end of the world and if its
packed correctly, it saves getting damaged.

I just want the parts, i dont want to bitch, have tedious emails, wasting
time, i just want to buy the parts."

his reply:

You brought it up,( i do not care about forums or what is said). Then why do
you go to forums to get your info. ( they all say your packing is bad. ) So
if ( all ) as you say are saying that my packing is bad then don't compare
me to forms that don't do what I do and have never packed for international
shipping and have no idea what's going on.

Then maybe you need to go back and see how many didn't get the parts.

Again, All they do is Gossip and look for something to criticize.

If you want wooden crates please advise and I will pack that way for you.
Most people want the cheapest way, no UPS or FedEx because of the expense,
they want low customs because of the customs rate.
In other words they want the Cadillac but only charge me for a Ford. So what
am I supposed to do.

So you tell me how you want it shipped and how you want it packed and I will
do it.


my reply:

"Hello again

i brought it up to avoid issues when i get a box full of broken parts, that
is why i mentioned it, if you read i only requested that items are to be
packed correctly, i did not mean to offend you.

They all recommended you, but some mentioned the packing issue.

I dont want a wooden crate or bullet proof glass, i just want the items
packed so when they get here they are not smashed to pieces because if that
happens then im left with broken parts and you have to shift more? get my

Bare in mind aswell i had to ask on a forum for someone else to do your job
of advising me what parts i need, because still you have not helped at all!

to ask for what i think is the 5th time

please give me a price for the parts i require posted to the UK, and a
payment method.



his reply:

You need to tell me how you want unit packed for every circumstance that you
can think of so something won't get broke or damaged. Fork truck running
into the box, throwing the box like shippers do, 200 lb's box set on top of
it. Might as well be in a wooden create.

Then you want a condenser (Like a small radiator ) that would be the easiest
thing to break unless it's in an over sized box that would cost as much to
ship as the condenser because it can't go in a box with the compressor.
Come on, you know what I mean.

Now your telling me I didn't do my job in telling me what you wanted when
you said a " complete " ac system, but now you don't want an evaporator.
That is part of the complete system.

Please enter an order in the computer and when it's packed as you want I
will be glade to ship it. I can't give you a cost until it's packed.


and that is how i have left it, i mean what a complete idiot, he still goes on about me asking for a complete system and NOW not wanting the evaporator??? Oh sweet god, shall i ask for the 6th time?

He needs to learn how to deal with people because there is no excuse for him being a cocknose.

Anyway, thanks again Travis for your help with this, obv not a 2min message to get that list together so it does not go forgotten

Big Grin
just priced the parts up from Ed

1x 106327 condenser - 217.91
1x 109122 orifice tube - 11.12
1x 110120 accumulator - 27.88
1x 106012 accumulator bracket - 4.15
1x 105845 bracket - NLA
1x 110527 adapter - 52.81
2x 105638 idler pulley bearing - 10.06
1x 110525 condenser-evaporator hose - 84.24
1x 100750 accumulator-compresor hose - 150.66
1x 100748 compressor-condenser hose (1983-style) - 145.14
1x 110526 wiring harness (1983-style) - 16.70
1x 106917 high pressure switch - 11.12
1x 106918 pressure relief valve - 8.33
1x 100744 low pressure switch - 8.93
1x 100746 compressor - 243.31
2x 100718 compressor mount - 84.10
1x 105505 drive belt - 12.14

1096.93 Euros
at todays current exchange rate


so if my maths are correct only £70 or so more expensive than john, and i have original parts.
Lets test a theory and ask ed the same question i asked john lol
goodness grief, what a 'parlarva' !!!

and Travis, you have been a real help here, so thanks for your input Big Grin

Dan, hope you finally get the bits you need - lets see your De, fully airconned
up at the big DOC-UK meet up in N.Yorkshire next summer :wink:
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well ed just replied

"I can offer it you with out the shipping cost, that will save you a 60 euro, and the idler pulley bearing for free.
Thane you have all good original stuff."

i mean how easy was that?

glad this post is here for numerous reasons but at least now people can access the info i needed, and chose who to buy from

Yeah car is coming along now, hoping to have it ready for the road in the next 3 month really, just in time for winter hahaha
Ahh, very nice - that's the way it should be done! My interactions with Ed are limited, primarily because of my location, but I bought a set of his "fast cams" and fitted those in my driver car's engine... he was very helpful and the cams are fantastic.

You can probably find that NLA bracket from someone (used). Have it re-plated and it'll be as good as new. Otherwise, you'll have to fabricate something to hold the hoses onto the back of the compressor.

Good luck!

well i questioned Ed and he said do not worry he has a used one i can have for free

i will update the post with how i get on when it comes to fitting the parts, expect some more questions Big Grin
Tsk :roll:

RichH Wrote:"
x1 off 106327-24 ac condensor core only HE $139.95

This doesn't fit right and looks a bit naff. I have had a couple of these and am really happy with them - spot on fit like an original. ... 0330425340

Quote:x2 off 105638 ac idler wheel bearings $4.50 ea

The the lack of hassle I see why Rich suggests this but they're boggo standard bearings you can buy from simplybearings with the dimensions.

Quote:x1 off 105505SPT Special T AC heavy duty belt. $11.95

VFB618 from your local motor factors. But again, for the difference in price.... prolly not worth the effort.

Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Quote:Tsk :roll:


Quote:This doesn't fit right and looks a bit naff. I have had a couple of these and am really happy with them - spot on fit like an original. ... 0330425340

I wasn't aware these were available and he doesn't advertise shipping to the UK. Tongue
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Good to see you on here Travis! How's the rebuild coming along?


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Quote:Good to see you on here Travis! How's the rebuild coming along?

Hi Phll!

Well, my rebuild certainly has taken an embarrassingly-long amount of time. I took nearly two years off from it due to a variety of other things that got in the way. Now that all of that stuff is sorted, I'm finally getting back to the restoration. The interior is now gutted and it actually looks better with no interior than it did with the brown/cracked/ripped bits that were in there.

After a fresh assessment of the project and the parts I have in storage, I've concluded that I need quite a few more (expensive) items than I thought. After I replenish the coffers, it's just down to installing the interior, restoring and/or replacing fascias, sorting-out some sort of clutch issue (hopefully just hydraulics), doing the finishing touches (which will probably take forever), then I'm done. I'm trying to have it back on the road by next spring or summer, but it's not the first time a estimated completion date has been missed... Once upon a time, I was going to have it done in time to drive to DCS 2010. Ha!


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