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air con pipes of no use?
looks like whoever removed the engine from my delorean did not have any spanners to hand, so cut the pipes, are these useless now or could they be repaired?
Probably useless even if not cut, IF you wanted a modern working system anyway. Unless thoroughly flushed through, and completely clean of any residual R12 gas particulates, not to contaminate and react with the modern R134A or even newer equivalents, then should be replaced for the new system. Plus, the older rubber, may not even hold the smaller gas molecules associated with the modern gases compared to the old, no longer permitted R12 stuff or worse yet, also react since it's not the specified rubber for the newer gases.

(You can tell I've done a bit of reading on this before! lol!) Mr Green
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Bin 'em

The cost of having them made back up to length including fittings plus the fact you'd be
attaching new onto 30 year old rubber, which has probably gone porous, is not at all sensible.
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yeah just wanted to make sure when throwing bits away, i have no part of the air con system as it is, just the core in the blower unit.

is it easier getting a custom set up made? or just going for the bits new from dmc?

the pump/compressor must be a common bosch item or similar?

sorry for all the questions!

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