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SalRadio station charity event 9th November back to the 80's
Spire FM in Salisbury are holding a back to the 80’s charity event on 9th Nov 2012 and wonder if someone was able to come along with one of your wonderful cars for a few hours – we could possibly get it inside the City Hall, Salisbury if you are happy with that idea in principal?! (we have had a Aston Martin DB8 here before!)

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone!!

Big Grin Cheers

Drive it! It'll cost you £100 in fuel and then theres £100 for your time, and the long run will do it the world of good.
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Shame its so far from here, sounds like fun, but its a good 3 hours drive from Nottinghamshire Sad
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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