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Delorean needed
Hi all, wonder if anyone can help.. We live in Wiltshire near Swindon, approximatley 4 miles off the M4. Our son, Rhys, leaves school this summer and has asked us to try and get a delorean to take him to his Prom on 6th July 2012....Can anyone help. He's such a good kid that we would love to do this for him. He gives us no bother and think that he deserves to made a fuss of. Would love to hear from anyone who thinks this may be achievable.

Many thanks in advance
Yvonne & Nick Parsons
I'll send your request to someone I know who's not far from the M4, hopefully he can help,
if he can (or if anyone else can), I'm sure they'll either message you a reply here or by PM.

Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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Hi, that would be wonderful, thank you ever so much for doing that. Hope to hear from him/her soon Smile

Many thanks Yvonne

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