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Insurance 2012
It's that time of year again....

Can I please ask for a quick poll on which insurance companies are offering DMC friendly policies.

I've been with Aon (now Footman James) for years, with agreed value and breakdown coverage, and the ability to take it to work occasionally if I choose, unlimited mileage (but that's not a major factor...)

Renewal letter this year puts it at £425 Shock

Both Heritage and Adrian flux are giving club member discounts, but as we all know insurance is a fickle subject at the best of times. I read only last week that ALL insurance premiums are going up at least 20% this year due to lots of reasons. All one can say is shop around and then shop around some more

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Every year i've renewed my insurance, the premium has gone up. Since I bought my car 2.5 years ago, my premium has gone up by 18%!!!

I have to wait to see in September what i'll be quoted this year, but if it's much more, then i may have to consider moving myself. I thought they were fair to begin with, and have obviously not been too disgruntled by comparison to other providers to date, but if they push their luck.......BAM!

My insurance has been without any sort of club discount. Last year, if memory serves, I paid just just under, or just over the £300 mark. I think it was over, as i'm sure i commented that it was the first time i'd paid over £300 for the DeLorean insurance...

Anyway, if it helps, I'm with:

They are pretty thorough at collecting the details of your car. They want photos etc, and you get a proper certificate with the insurance documents when they come through.
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