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Suggestion to the forum
The suggestion board is locked... so I am posting here:

Whenever a over sized photo is uploaded on the thread, the width of the thread always auto adjust so to accomodate the width of the photo.

But the bad thing is that the text also follows that width, so reading the thread will become a job of not only scrolling up and down, but also left and right.

Is it possible to modify the scripts so that the text stays the same as the width of the screen, or... can the script be modified so that over sized images will be resized automatically (for displaying on the thread) and opens in a new window for full size if people click on them?
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

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yup ... age+resize
DOC 527
Vin #10264
Hi All

Yes Jan is completely correct, we have already looked at this particular plug in and decided not to install this, in part due to these reasons.

Until we find something that works properly (and quicky) please use the scroll bar on the few threads that do have 'bigger' pictures.

There again anyone remember this ?
I'm not adding any more mods unless they are related to security issues.

Some affect performance and others are so trivial they are not worth implementing. They will more than likely be included in v3 of phpBB.

At the moment reliable backups and documenting a method of seamless transfer to another host takes precedence.


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