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The Irish Festival of Speed
Good afternoon DOC members!

My name is Jonathan and I represent the Irish Festival of Speed.

The Irish Festival of Speed, for those not aware, is a new event which will be held on the grounds of Adare Manor in Co. Clare for the first time this August Bank holiday weekend (July 31st). It celebrates the engine in all its forms, with planes, supercars, racing cars, helicopters and bikes being the main attractions. The Festival will also commemorate the 1936 Limerick "Round The Houses" Grand Prix and highlight some of the rich racing heritage in the region.

We will have some very special and unique cars at the event but we have not yet had any DeLorean owners apply to display. Seeing as the Festival will be a uniquely Irish event, to not have DeLoreans would be a real shame. Dunlop tyres are the lead sponsor of the Festival and Charles Hurst Belfast in conjunction with Maserati are also involved. As I'm sure many of you know, John Boyd-Dunlop first started the company in Belfast and we would love to have Belfast's other motoring icon at the Festival.

So if any owners of show quality cars would like to display theirs at the Festival, please get in touch and we can have a chat. Some other owner clubs (Morgan, Alfa, Maserati, BMW, etc) will be attending as groups and in return we will have designated specific parking areas for these clubs on the day, so if the DOC would like to attend en masse, this can also be arranged.

For more information you can visit our website where you will see an introductory video on the welcome page. The Home and About pages will provide more specific detail on the Festival. We also have a FaceBook page which can be accessed here ... 6808505438 and if you like your tweets and tweeps, we are @IrishFestSpeed on Twitter.

For direct email enquiries, please contact us via

Jonathan, that sounds a fantastic event, and thank you for the invite!

You may also wish to post on the Delorean Owners of Ireland forum

where you may get in touch with some more local members! Several of our members have already been over to Belfast once this year to the 30th Anniversary 'Eurofest' celebrations, so two trips a year starts getting expensive!

Good luck, it sounds awesome!

Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126
Good morning Rich,

Thanks for your reply and the link to the Irish DeLorean forum, I will get in touch with them today.

Hope you guys enjoyed the trip to Belfast and hopefully we'll see you in Adare next year if not this July!

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