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door lower panel removal.
this seems a pig to do...i see i am meant to take out the inner door handle bolts, but they are a sod to get to as the release handle rod is in the way.

any hot tips.

also any hot tips to remove the window regulator (i've done other cars before peugeot etc). i am hoping to repair rather than replace as these are very expensive.
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
Rather than trying to remove the grab handle by the two set screws on the ends, carefully remove the escutchoen ( part 24 ) from the top of the arm rest and look down at the bracket (30) that holds the handle onto the door there are two set screws (33) which hold the whole assembly on , remove these and the handle/ bracket will come off Smile

Tape off the sharp edges of the ssteel door panel with duct tape before you start slitting your wrists open on them Shock

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