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DeLorean news Issue 50
Pleased to say Issue 50 will be mailing out tonight. all being well (weather permitting) should be with everyone by the weekend.
A big thank you to Mike for putting this together and he has done a cracking job, plus to the contributors for the content.

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yes, well done to Mike for getting this done, and for anyone that doesnt know,
there has been a change of mag editor, hence the slight delay in getting this
issue ready.

Well done to everyone who contributed to this issue - and remember, this is
your mag, so send your articles in!!
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Another great issue - thanks very much for printing my Trentham pictures - they look great in print!

Keep up the good work.
Richard Voisey

DOC Member 215

Hi guys - just a point to note (I have only just picked up the magazine after returning from distant lands..) there were some notable typos in the 'editors letter' in issue 50 ('fealt' instead of 'felt', 'upto' not 'up to', 'weather' which should have been 'whether'), and none of the many 'i's were capitalised-! Was this written on a mobile phone? Tongue 'lol' Best to thoroughly spellcheck, or maybe ask someone else to read through it. Not to be taken as criticism, just well-meaning feedback folks. Also, perhaps stick to one font for the main text - probably best to stick to the original style of font rather than Times New Roman(?), which in this case does not suit the style of the mag as much as the other font. Be careful with TNR as it can make things look unprofessional if not carefully worked in the style of the publication (see articles in the Radio Times for a good use of both a TNR style font and the more modern styles). I would stick to the original font or similar and avoid Times New Roman - and be consistent. I always find it useful to look at well known magazines to see what styles they have used and what works well. Often it is just a case of good font choice and consistent layouts, and you don't even need a fancy computer programme to to that! Lastly, black writing on very dark grey is a bit iffy, but granted its hard to know how things will come out in print. When I did an article for D' News some time ago I put together the whole spread (fonts, images and all) and I have to say the background came out a little stronger than I have wanted, but you live and learn!

Again, just pointing things out that might help you, not levelling criticism - after all, you put the time and effort in not me! I would have loved to help out with DeLorean News since (though I am by no means a pro, nor do I do things 'by the book') magazine layouts are just up my street, but I just didn't feel my circumstances would allow me the time I would wish to put into it. However, get in touch if you want any help at all with parts of it.

Hi thanks for the comments, All in all Mike did a great job at putting the mag together. And there were a couple of small mistakes however all in all I think it was a great job, yes there were a couple of things omitted that should have been there and one of the pictures in the how to was duplicated (correct one below) but a really great effort. Personally I get my good lady to spell check everything I write as my spelluing is not that great either, lol.
Any offers of help are warmly received perhaps you could put together a DeLorean related article to feture in the next mag? Really anything is helpful, the more we get the quicker we can get them turned out.
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584

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