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Email to Lisburn City Council for a DeLorean info board
I sent an email to the Lisburn City Council saying it wasa shame that there was`nt a DeLorean info board near the old site of DeLorean Motor Cars Ltd to show it was there for vistors and future generations, its been now passed to the Council's Tourism Development Manager, Mr Andrew Kennedy for it to be brought to a meeting. I`ll let you fellas know how it goes.
Well done, would be great to see this in place in time for next years Eurofest. If you need any moral backing from the Club feel free to ask.

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When we were in Belfast last year, we went on a longish tour in an open topped bus. The DeLorean was never mentioned, I challanged the tour guide and although he seemed to know a fair bit about the car/factory, still did not mention it and had no plans to. A great pity I thought. Its as though it never happened!
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thats a shame Chris, cos we all know what pride the people of Belfast have in what they created 30 years ago, its a shame its 'swept' under the carpet, probably in a 'politically correct' kinda way.
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