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silicone hoses
can someone please tell me were i can get a set of these lovley coloured blue silicone hose set for the delorean ive seen them on several motors and would love to have a set on mine
Would cost £££ to have them developed because they're bespoke hoses at the back, rarely fail and are quite cheap from (now)

Someone in Germany tried and was quoting well into the hundreds just for the rear two.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
All my cooling hoses underneath the car were cut from a 1metre long silicone hose of 30mm internal diameter.

I don't know about the other ones.

Get them painted blue :lol: make sure the hoses are in good conditions to start with though!

It's just an idea....
Kind Regards,
John [DOC No. 8]

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okay guys tar very much thanks for the info
I believe Ed U is in the process of offering a silicone kit in the future. Otherwise you could try:- ... 67d63e2e95

I am informed that he has these in stock.
I got some 'chav' blue silicone hose for flopsy after one of the short rubber hoses that goes between the metal water pipes burst on the M1 one day..... Sad

Cost about £20 for a metre of it.

Rich and Phill did a mod on one of my 'big' coolant hoses at the back tho, as the fan belt was slicing into it Shock
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