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Delorian needed for Short Film in York (Yorkshire)

I am the Director of a short film called ‘Clocking Out’ which is due to be filmed in York during the period between November 30th to December 18th. We do however have time for pick ups in January next year if needed.

The film is set in the 1980s and is a light hearted time travel adventure piece, which sees the main character transported from the 1980’s to the future and back. It is primarily a pastiche of films from the 1980s (eg. Back to the Future, Escape from New York etc) and is overall a fun adventure which we hope people will enjoy watching.
To add to the 80’s authenticity, we are looking for a Delorian to be present in the opening scene of the film. The scene has the main character walking on his way to work so it is a vital scene to establish the 80’s world which he lives in. The Delorian is an iconic symbol of the 80’s and would really add to the authenticity of the film and provide a nice reference to Back to te Future.

If the owner is interested, there is also the possibility of them having a small role in the film as we would ideally like the car owner to be standing by their car, holding an over sized 80’s telephone and 80’s clothing. This again would add to the world of the film and be fantastic for the 80’s setting.

If you are interested please contact me at: I will send you the plot summary of the film and we can discuss when you are available to film the scene.

Although filming would take place in the first half of December, we may be able to fit the schedule of when we film that scene around your availability and film it early next year if needed.

Stewart Sparke, Slipspace Media
What's a Delorian?
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
similar to a DeLorean but even better Wink
my car will be available in december,if needed ,dellboy.
the plastering man
Doc No.505
Vin No.11075

I live in York and can be available for this

Did anything come off from this?

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Ex owner of VIN 5255 Grey, 5-speed
ayup Hawsey, hows things mate?

Just to let you know, I was chatting to an insurance bod who's based near Northampton
the other day, and he was saying how he'd love to see/go out in a DeLorean, so I mentioned
your name.

I've got his email addy, if you want I'll send it to you and you can get in touch direct with a
bit more info?
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
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