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South Gloucester County Show
Hi all, There is the South Gloucester County Show on on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the Bank holiday later this month (August 09). It is set to be a lovely weekend with plenty to see and do - They are looking for a Delorean (or Deloreans) to be part of the show as they will be having a retro sweetshop amongst other things and they would like a selection of 80s TV and Movies cars to go along in the backdrop (all safely on display and cordoned off under cover. They will also have a drive in movie on the Saturday night (you tune your car radio in to listen from your car). They are playing Mamma Mia. It will involve free entry for the Delorean party for the movie and show.

If you wold like to attend please either call myself 07974773175 of Keith (who's part of the team organising it) on 07768357039. I will be bringing my General Lee and A-Team van along (I sold my Delorean a couple of months back and hence am lacking the star attraction).

Keith is organising the Bristol Land Rover Owners Club to be there and they have a huge off road course that you can go along in their Discoveries!

Here is the link (as you can see there were a few crossed wires and they thought i was bringing all the TV cars along!)

The show is about 10 mins north of Bristol just out by the severn crossing.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Best Regards

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds

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