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Removing Gearbox
Hey Folks,

I'm currently in the middle of removing my gearbox to replace some seals and other little bits. I've reached a halt having followed the factory manual to the letter at the point of actually removing the box. I can get it to move about 10mil from the engine so i can just feel the teeth on the flywheel. After that it wont budge. I have it supported at its natular tilt with a jack. Has anybody done this before and had any issues here? If so what can I do to get the thing moving!?

sounds like a seized thrust bearing to me, give it a good yank it should come out. But do your self a favour get a volvo 260 or 760 manual far more useful TT
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I have the X factor
There is a 'hidden' inspection plate behind the gearbox on the Cat side held on with 2 bolts.
It is NOT in the manual! and I was there for ages trying to work it out. The bolts are a Bu**er to undo from the front, I think you can undo them from the back of the car with an extension bar or two. There is also a plate on the starter side, have you removed this one too?
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I've removed the plates yeah, the last person to have it off left the top bolt out of the plate near the cat making it reletivly easy to get off. I think I'll recruit a friend or 2 to help me pull the thing out. Not looking forward to putting the thing back but hopefully it will be worth it! Cheers for the tip, I'll get one of those manuals because the DMC one isnt proving to be very detailed.

In that case a bit of jigglin' 'll do it...
DOC 116
VIN 6237 Grey Interior, Manual
VIN 16723 Black Interior, Auto

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