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De Lorean Hire needed 11th July in Cannock
Hi guys!

I'm in need of some assistance Mr Green

I run a dance night called Blessed at a cocktail bar in Cannock (WS11 1AP) and I am putting on a 80's themed night.

Arrow I'm looking to hire a De Lorean to park outside of the bar for people to have a pictures taken with between the hours of 7pm and 2am.

The only major issue I have is that as it is only a small night my budget is very tight Cry

To help compensate my low budget I am willing to advertise on various websites with photos, videos, contact details and links to your hire pages and anything else I can help with.

Currently our stats our

Own facebook page - 1296 Friends
Dawson facebook fan page - 590 Fans
Encore Hard Label facebook Page - 399 Fans
Funky Disko Label facebook page - 285 Fans
Blessed fan facebook Page - 725 Members
11th July facebook page - Average 150 RSVP
Myspace - 1059 Friends
Don't Stay in Dawson group - 389 Members
Don't Stay in Blessed group - 813 Members
Bebo fan page - 140 Members
as well as videos audio clips and local advertising.

A car slightly modified to look like the BTTF De Lorean would be an advantage just to help along with the 80's film theme.

So basically peeps I'm looking for some serious help and kindness. Smile Smile :wink:

If any of you are even slightly interested please can you email or PM me on here.

Hopefully hear from a few of you very soon

shame, thats not far from us, but we're at the big Vauxhall-Opel rally at Billing Aquadrome
that weekend.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Apr 2021 Mokka-e Launch Edition - Evie

im sorry but the person i was getting for you is not availabe
I don't suppose any of you guys could maybe point me in the right direction to someone else who could help?

I'm really struggling! Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
If your on a tight budget you need someone who isn't too far away, saying that I think you'll find it difficult to find a Delorean owner who'll park the car where there are intoxicated people who might do stupid things around their pride and joy!
Just my 2p...
DOC 116
VIN 6237
Yeah, drunken people having their photographs taken around a Delorean comprised of virtually irreplaceable parts at 2am on an opening night is frankly a recipe for disaster!

Now if it were cordoned off with Tensabarriers and with a couple of bouncers permanently round it you might get a greater uptake...
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126

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