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Window moters
Hi all Just looked at Delorean europe site and he has some window moters for 30 bucks each. Is that right. Am i reading it correctly. If so why are they so expensive everywhere else. Also does anyone know where i can buy a scotch birght pad from or what ever it is you can use to tart up stainles because when i smoke i go sit in the garage and i thought it might be something i could do for the 5 minutes or so. After a month i might have done the whole car.
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vin. 4986
It should be 300EUR not 30.... but i think that's for both left and right.

have you tried B&Q warehouse for the pads?
- Dave Smith

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Any body shop suppliers will sell scotch brite pads which come in different grade colours, which range from very coarse to fine - usually a green colour is very coarse, red/purple medium, yellow/grey fine.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Kelv.
Kelvin Tan
I bought a blending pad in Romac (motor factors in Belper, have lots of branches though) - cost me a quid Smile
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