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Cat 'Shield'
Does anyone know why the cat converter has a shield over the bottom? I think its asbestos. I know alot of cars dont have this but I seem to remember being told it is original. Is there any risk by not having it on?

Yes origional one is asbestos

I remember my CAT having the shield over the top but not the bottom ... this is to shield the head from the heat coming off it , seen plenty of cars without one because they have been removed or have fallen off with age and damp... I have some modern day head shield material here could bring you a bit to Eurotec to make one out off ( there again im assuming your going buddy ? ) But if your keeping the CAT i would put one on ...
I'm not coming to Eurotech unfortunatly. It just looks rough as hell and i wondered if it actually did anything cause it looks so worn away. How exactly do you apply the material? is it flexible? where can a get hold of some or could i buy abit off you :p

If you MM me your address i will get a bit over to you, sure its a rigid but bendiable '3 ply' material , using a piece as a heat shield on my exhaust atm....
Hi Mike, how have you sheilded your exhaust? I have been looking at mine and the wiring down there looks rather close but I don't know how close is too close.
VIN: 6511
I have a heat shield on the silencer in the same place as the stock exhaust.

Im assuming you mean the wiring from the alternator ?... Mine is pretty well away from the exhaust header so havent needed to put anything on that .... do you have a picture of the area you mean?

(Eh up !! .....just noticed my post count is the same as my vin Wink lol )
Hi Mike. I mean the alternator and starter wiring. I'll get a picture later. Do you have a pic of how you've routed the wiring?
VIN: 6511
I wont be able to do this till the weekend as im working away atm bud.. if you still meed it I will do it then ...

How close is your wiring be to the manifolds etc ?
Probably about 2cm away.
VIN: 6511
The yanks have re-ignited (no pun intended) the thread on this subject recently:
VIN 7176
DOC 643

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