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Door and Hood Alignment
Door and Hood Alignment Posted on behalf of Paul McKay

Any Sugestions ??

Here are the pictures of my door and hood alignment that i am not happy about. I tried to post them useing their URL's but can no longer open my original thread.

The first 2 show the door alignment which is worse at the front of the door, next to front fender, rather than the back of the door.

The second 2 show the hood, which sticks up a bit much.

The last one shows the amount of washers under the black plastic piece which runs down the length of the passenger fender on the inside luggage compartment, i think this is contributing to the raised bonnet.


Paul McKay
[Image: alignment.jpg]
[Image: alignment2.jpg]
[Image: bonnet1.jpg]

[Image: bonnet2.jpg]

[Image: luggagespace.jpg]
Practically impossible to write how to fix this. Panel alignments need lots of pushing and pulling hands on stuff to even begin to get close

For starters, the front fender could be sticking out too much loosen all the screws allong the rear edge where the door closes and try and push it in so it comes level with the door.

The shims under the fender help improve the raised bonnet apperance, not a cause of it. They actually attempt to raise the fender to be level with the bonnet. Many early cars suffer from this problem, and there's not a lot that can be done about it. It's usually due to 'ridge' in the underbody being too high where the weather strip meets it, Dave Howarth has recounted tales of bodies being ground down in an attempt to get the bonnet to close properly.

Start by removing the bonnet catch to see if is that causing the problem.

My bonnet has no weather stripping, which helps a lot.
Richard H.
DOC Technical Advisor VIN 1274
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.
RichH Wrote:My bonnet has no weather stripping, which helps a lot.

Ditto! My bonnet lays perfectly flat, which was a complete accident and the result of my tearing off the old seal. I wish my doors fitted better....
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Thanks guys.

Will try the things you suggested Rich, and thanks Mike for posting those pics.


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