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Richard Hoskis Specialist Car Insurance
Clout not really required, in my experience most insurance companies have room for manouvre, about 10-15% I reckon, on the prices they first quote you.
Rich J
hana 5284 Wrote:hi Darren well i think without question you must be the richest person on here and you must have some real clout with the insurance companys to get money knocked off,my insurance is up soon for renewal so if i phone up your insurance company can i tell them your my best friend??
only kidding my best bud i will tell them your my brother lol :lol:

kind regard bud

Hi Tyson,

I wish!
Pretty skint, spent all my cash on fast cars and slow women. :lol:

As for clout? Not at all, I'm as equal as the next man. :wink:

Best Regards
VIN 4532

Is the insurence price still good if you are a new driver?
"How cool would it be if we just came across a DeLorean!" -Alex off The Apprentice Big Grin
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hana 5284 Wrote:sorry Darren if i have given anyone else the idea of saing you are there brother .I was the very first everyone so i get first dabs on this right ok
after i have my insurasnce you may then have 327 brothers ond 222 sisters OH and one great great great grandfather (dodgy motor)

kind regards your new brother Tyson

Hmmm :? Great great great ............... senior citizen :?
Tyson if you live as long as me Ill deck you with my Zimmer :lol:
DOC # 595
Flux Capacitor Wrote:Is the insurence price still good if you are a new driver?

In a word........ no Cry

Just keep your head down, work hard and save hard, and if your bad don't get caught. 8) There's no short cuts (except winning the lottery, although you have more chance of a man giving birth) :lol:

You'll get there in the end!

Best Regards
VIN 4532

Hi all well i rang darrens insurance comp today and got quite a pleasant suprize i had a quote off andrew flux the other week and they quoted me £330.00 for 5000 mile a year i think all it had with it was free legal plus £45.00 exstra for breakdown
or same comp £240 for 3000miles free legal plus £45.00 breakdown

Darrens insurance company they quoted £210.00
whice was for the following
guaranteed £17.000 pay out
full uk or european breakdown as long as further than 1 mile away from our house thay will toe me home.
free legal
and darren is spot on when he said full salvage rights yes we can keep the car if written off.
oh and also 5000 miles a year

well i think thats quite good so i am definately going with them
great find darren thats what belonging to a club is all about
kind regars Tyson
Boy do I get sooooooooooooo much Free beer at Eurotec :lol:
VIN 4532

Darren C Wrote:Boy do I get sooooooooooooo much Free beer at Eurotec :lol:

mate there will be one waiting with your name on it cheers Tyson
Just had a quote from these guys...

£199.50p with all the usual.

Not bad at all me thinks! Big Grin

Best regards

Carl & Alex Hammond
VIN#11777 (don't ask!!) Sad
My personal best was £118 on My D. That was fully comp, Unlimited miles, Breakdown cover, Agreed Value etc etc.

That was with Footman James, but I did have 3 other cars with them at the time.

Just remember, with Richard Hoskins you get;

Salvage rights (full pay out and your car back)
European Cover
Breakdown cover
Agreed value.

I don't know of anyone else that offers that sort of deal Big Grin

So if there's only a couple of quid between quotes I know who I'd rather be with. 8)

Best Regards
VIN 4532

Do you know if Richard Hoskins insure under 25s?
Hi Dan,

Best give them a call on Monday. Phone number at start of thread Big Grin

Best Regards

PS Great to meet you at Eurotec!
VIN 4532

Yeah good to meet you too. What a brilliant event wasn't it!! Don't forget to post up some pictures of your Porsche and stuff Big Grin

My insurance isn't due for renewal until January so will ring a bit later in the year :wink:
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I fear more "Barren" comments from Dozzzy!

The one and only Porsche "Cayster", I wanted a convertible Cayman, but Porsche don't make one so I cut a Boxster and a Cayman in Half and glued them together!, 8) with a few trick vents and spoilers etc Big Grin

This was my project last year before the delorean.

[Image: 100_0248.jpg]

Best Regards

PS Thats my S4 audi, go to tesco car in the background!
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