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insurance advice?
Hi Podperson,

Forget money supermarket - and the like. You're more likely to get far more realistic quotes from boutique specialist providers like Adrian Flux, Sureterm or AON (who are mostly intermediaries).

They will give you an indicative quote - and you can insure the car on the chassis number (VIN) but this is only good for 30 days - after which they will need the DVLA licence number.

Some basic specs to use for an indicative quote.

If you go to our website under the Delorean buy/sell section - it should give you some pointers.

Best regards

PJ Grady (Europe)
I found Peter Taylor in Brighton to be competive with a classic car policy at £296 per year for up to 5k miles per year if the car was garaged and it wasn't the primary driver. (I had a policy with them for around 2-3 years).

When I made the car my daily driver I found Adrian Flux to be excellent at £494 with unlimited mileage. To confirm, this was a normal fully comprehenise policy just like your normal car. This means you could build your no claim bonuses.

At the NEC this weekend MCE 0870 420 7172 quoted an unbelievable £372 with an indicated 12k miles to be driven every year. This also allowed commuting to and from work just like the Adrian Flux policy. Break down cover was also included.

My quotes are based on a 30+ year old male with no points, no claims or convictions living in a band C area where the car is valued at £17k and is garaged over night. An alarm makes no difference in the quote for some strange reason. Hope this helps.

Chris Hawes
DOC 138
Vin 5255 Grey, 5-speed

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