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Car Ride please Southampton

We're from just outside Southampton and we were wondering if you could pass a message on to your members?

Our friend has just been diagnosed with leukaemia, she's 25 and as this is the third time, the chemo isn't working. There are only a few things she wants to get done and one is to sit in a Delorean as she's a massive fan of BTTF. We wanted to know if there was anyone local that we could go to or they could come to us, who would be available in the next week or so (as it's quite time sensitive.)

We know it's a big thing to ask but we couldn't not! We're also happy to pay, we just wouldn't want someone to drive from really far away as she just wants to sit in it (possibly a drive around the block!). Thanks for reading, if you think you could help please call my number below or my partner Sean on 07814332391.

Kind regards,

Becca Chaplin

Membership Secretary DOC UK
2021's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584

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