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Full Version: Starter/alternator wiring??????
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Just got the engine back in. Unfortunatly forgot to make an exact note of what wires came from the starter and alternator (dohh) The small ones i'm OK on its just the larger ones as in:
2 large red wires, 1 looks like it comes from the battery the other from the jump lead post, where do these go and which way round?
3 sets of large brown wires each containing 3 large brown wires, 2 appear to be in one group exiting the loom the other exits furthur down. Where do these go please?
The two 'high up' sets of brown wires go to the altenator charging post

The lower brown wires + the two chunky red wires go to the top post of the starter solenoid. Like this:
Cheeers Mate!